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June 2021 :

Covid-19 Protocols:

Based on current restrictions/recommendations, masks are not required for fully vaccinated participants, staff, volunteers or spectators. If not fully vaccinated, masks and social distancing recommended.

Lutsen Updates:

Cook County and its limited population typically utilizes many international workers to fill service-oriented jobs in the area.  Due to the pandemic, many roles have been unfilled, and the area is experiencing labor shortages.  Keep this in mind as our event brings max occupancy to this gem of an area.  Please be patient and respectful! You may want to consider this in your meal and activity planning. When you do head out to support the amazing local businesses, plan on longer wait times.  We are so excited to see you!


Its summer in Minnesota and that means road construction season! Consider consulting the Minnesota DOT website before you travel.  Traffic will be particularly heavy through Duluth where there is a large project underway.  Grand Marais also has a significant project ongoing.


Aid Station Updates:

Aid stations this year will look a little different.  Available food will be granola bars, fig bars and Gu energy products, all packaged.  Hydration will be water and Gu hydration.  Please plan to stop and open your hydration pack or bottle to allow contactless filling from a volunteer.  Mechanical assistance available for the 99ers at miles 24, 42, 53, 85 & 96 – 69ers at miles 24, 53 & 64 – 49ers at miles 32 & 43 – 25ers at mile 19.

Race Updates:

New year, new rule! To maximize the safety for all of our participants there is NO PASSING or weaving allowed on the downhill roll-out, you must hold your position.  Violating this rule will result in disqualification.  This is a controlled roll-out with a pace vehicle and there is plenty of time to make your move climbing Caribou Trail!

We are excited that the start will look much the same as previous years! Masks will not be required in the start gates.  Per current health guidance, if you are not vaccinated for COVID-19, masks are recommended due to close quarters within the gates (removed when you start riding).  New this year, passing or weaving through traffic is not allowed on the downhill roll-out and will result in disqualification, you must hold your position until Highway 61. Also new this year is our Friends and Family wave! Open to any distance, this wave is designed to allow families, friends or anybody seeking a less stressful start to the race to start behind the other waves and set their own pace.

Are you a 99er interested in earning a Leadville token? Please make sure to take to read the athlete guide section on this topic to make sure you are where you need to be, when you need to be there!

Athlete Guide Will Be Available 1 Week Out

Be sure to stop by Fika Coffee in Lutsen for one free drip coffee during race weekend!