• Self-guided ride to experience the beauty of the Lutsen 99er race courses.  Take your time and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells you normally race past.


  • Ride at your own risk! Although we love to host you every year – this year you are completely on your own.  If you are uncertain of your navigation skills or what to do in an emergency – don’t ride! This is a natural area with varying terrain and wildlife.  Plan for mechanicals, weather, injuries etc. 
  • No reception – Most of the Eastern half of the course has ZERO cell phone reception and the Western half has limited areas of reception.  This means you will not be able to phone-a-friend for support.
  • Leave no trace! Bring in what you take out.  Since you are not racing, take your time to secure any wrappers, Gu packets etc.  We are guests in the forest and we need to make sure we keep the area pristine. 
  • Self supported – There is NO water and NO facilities on the course.  You are going to have to bring EVERYTHING you may need for your ride. 
  • USFS Closures – note the attached Emergency Closure order and the restrictions – please follow them accordingly – thank you!
  • Know the course – The Forest Service will not permit us to mark the course. They are supporters of the 99er and we respect their rules. You need to study and know the courses you plan to ride!
    • Helpful tip! We used the Avenza app with an uploaded GeoPDF file (links below).  This allows you to see your “blue dot” following the course, but there is no map along with it. You would see your dot leave the blue line if a turn was missed. No cell reception is required. We were able to use it even with our phone in airplane mode. It does not direct you to do the second loop on the 99er course or explain out-and-back areas. You will need to study the course/maps ahead of time.


  • Awesome! Stop in to Fika Coffee in Lutsen and show them a muddy bike, a Strava file or whatever proof you have of your experience.  
    • Receive:
      • 30% off your Fika Coffee drink
      • A commemorative medal
      • Muc-Off bike wash sample


  • All Lone Wolf Challenge participants can enter to win a Stages Dash M50 bike computer in 3 easy steps!
    1. Post your best Lone Wolf Challenge picture.  It can be a selfie, socially distanced picture with a friend, your muddy bike- we don’t care!
    2. Hashtags (use ’em) #LoneWolfChallenge and #StagesDash
    3. Tag (use these too) @StagesCycling and @Lutsen99er
  • Winners – 2 winners will be announced on July 15.
  • Note: Must be 18 or older to enter. United States residents only. For complete rules and more information on the giveaway, visit this link.
  • Can’t wait to win? Use code LoneWolf-Dash20 for 20% of a Stages Cycling Dash now!”